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Having a loved one who receives elder care but who does not live in your home, or a senior living community, can be worrisome and stressful. How do you know if the Caregiver is with your beloved elderly person? What is the schedule this week? It’s time for a doctor’s visit- how was dad’s behavior last month? These are all questions that can be mostly answered with the integration of a little technology.

How Technology Can Ease Concerns Around Elder Care

All good home care agencies use varying levels of technology including online scheduling systems, telephone based time clocks, and PDF formatted care notes. Let’s break down some of these concerns.

1. Tracking Caregiver Attendance and Billing Accuracy
The biggest concern we at AFNB hear is how to ensure the caregivers are in the home and on-time. In conjunction with this is how to ensure billing is accurate. The answer is actually quite simple: we integrate a telephone based time-clock called PATTI that allows the caregiver to call a toll-free number the second they walk in the door. This alerts our staff that he or she is there, on-time, and providing patient care. If he or she is late, we receive an immediate text message alert so that we can provide back-up and alert the client and her family. This integrates with our billing so invoices are billed to the minute!
2. Web-Based Scheduling Software for Peace of Mind
Our company also uses a web-based scheduling software called Rosemark by Shoshana Technologies that allows families and clients to access their schedules from anywhere in the world. This secure portal provides information on the care providers and their schedules for peace of mind.
3. Staying Connected With Care Notes
One of the easiest ways to share care notes with family members is through scanning and emailing or “cloud” collaboration. Our care providers know that many seniors struggle with dementia and other memory challenges. With that in mind, they take notes about health care, medication management, and more. These notes are permanently attached to each client’s file so that they can easily be emailed or shared at any time requested. When going to the doctor or other healthcare provider, having these daily notes can provide great insight into your loved one’s history, medication, and condition.

Embracing New Technology for Better Elderly Care

It is so easy to use technology in our world, but it does require some interest and an altruistic desire to offer valuable solutions to our clients. We at A First Name Basis believe it is well worth it to assist our clients and their families with information. Contact us now to request a free consultation.