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People say, “I don’t know how she can handle being a full-time employee, full-time wife, and most importantly a full-time Mom and still make time for herself.”

Taking on a role that demands so much of your time,both in the office and at home while on-call, does not require you to have super powers. Working full time staffing clients will require you to take on the role of Personal care, finding that right person to be that loving face who will fill in for a family member who cannot be there. Working in the home health care field for the last three years, your parental radar goes off and sometimes you wonder if this is the right environment that you would place your loved one, the same feeling these family members are experiencing. So when the decision is made to leave them in their homes, every step must be taken to ensure that the family will never have any doubt that “A First Name Basis In-Home Care”, will provide the best possible care for them.

Many times this role will absorb a large amount of your time, perhaps more than you would like. You will have the tendency to get caught up with your role as a Client Service Coordinator and constantly always thinking what caregiver would better serve the client needs, confirming shifts and even on occasion, lending an ear to a family member that is over whelmed. Then you jump into the family role like – did that daycare bill get paid, did my husband get dinner, did the kids get their bath? Meanwhile, you have lost track of yourself and burn out may occur. Once that occurs, there is hope to recover. If you have taken on the various roles well enough to take care of those many “HATS” you must wear, the favor is returned. You just have to know when to take off your hat and say “HELP”.

While it is very important to always be prepared and to always try to be at your best, it is very important to a STEP back and not lose track of yourself. While taking care of others, you must remember to stop and take care of yourself.  Therefore when someone says “I don’t know how she can handle all that she does”, it can be simply said – “If the hat fit, wear It, just remember to take it off when you have to.”

-Marci Pierre