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a first name basis awards and badges
a first name basis awards and badges

Why Choose A First Name Basis?

A First Name Basis stands out as Louisiana and Mississippi’s leader for quality senior home care. Our friendly caregivers are available to you and your loved one 24/7. Our exclusive care management program allows you to mix and match our services to build out a tailored home care approach that fits your individual needs. Each of our caregivers are carefully selected and undergo a rigorous 21-point screening process. A First Name Basis is locally established and privately owned, our clients and their families are our priority.

High Quality Care

At A First Name Basis Home Care, our Caregivers are passionate about providing in-home care to those in need on a daily basis.

24 Hour Availability

The need for home care doesn’t always come at a convenient time, wouldn’t it be nice to have a Caregiver agency that is always available to you?

Personalized Service

Our wide range of personal care, companionship care, and respite services can be mixed and matched to fit your individual needs.

Caregiver Selection

A First Name Basis Home Care only employs the most passionate, dedicated, and qualified Caregivers to look after our senior clients.

Real-Time Caregiver Monitoring

The Caregiver Monitoring System allows us to log and notate the shifts our caregivers have scheduled and record their attendance in real time.

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New Look!

If you have visited our website recently, you’ll have noticed that we are making some changes, so the content of the site is simpler and easier to navigate.

Finding Balance

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A Typical Day at A First Name Basis

A First Name Basis is making a difference one client, one family and one employee at a time. A day in the office is filled with phone call after phone call, assessments, scheduling, hiring new staff, orientations and marketing.

Organization and Productivity

Putting in a productive work day can be difficult at times especially in an office with lots of distractions Keeping my office and my work day organized really is the key.

Mission & Vision

“We are committed to providing extraordinary care and excellent value to our clients through professional care and exceptional customer service.”

“To be known and valued for providing the highest standard of in-home care services.”

“To be the provider of choice in the community.”

“To be the employer of choice in the community.”

“To be a financially viable agency.”


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