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Putting in a productive work day can be difficult at times especially in an office with lots of distractions Keeping my office and my work day organized really is the key. That’s when DE-CLUTTER comes to mind. Clear your desktop of personal items, sometimes placing them on a shelf or hanging them on a wall behind your desk can give you much needed workspace. As far as those DISTRACTIONS, always set a time limit and stick to it. If a co-worker strikes up a conversation, or someone comes to the office to attain supplies, give no more than 5 minutes of your time.

ACTIONS – when you have completed a phone call, write down the next action or task you need to take relating to that call. You might need to do some follow-up, perhaps make another phone call, fax or get something in the mail to a client or caregiver. That’s when TECHNOLOGY comes to mind. Use the technology that is available to you. All employees should take full advantage of any available technology that will help keep you stay organized.

Lastly, always remember to ENERGIZE. Make your day productive by stepping away from your desk or possibly leaving the office for a few minutes. Sometimes getting a little fresh air or just looking out of a window can make all the difference of having a productive day.

— Juanita Landry