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Blogging. One would think in a fast pace environment like an A First Name Basis office, blog ideas would come easily. The fact is there are too many ideas to put down in just one blog. So many lives are touched in one work day, it is not fair to think that a single second is not blog worthy.

A First Name Basis is making a difference one client, one family and one employee at a time. A day in the office is filled with phone call after phone call, assessments, scheduling, hiring new staff, orientations and marketing. To do list after to list is made, checked off and before you know it you’ve started a second to do list before completing the first to do list. Hundreds of conversations are had. Most are regarding clients and employees and how to ensure the highest quality of care at all times and some are light-hearted to keep the office staff on their toes and a smile on their faces. Emails are received and responded to, meetings take place, documentation is made (OF EVERYTHING), new clients are gained and unfortunately some are taken too soon.

Emotions flow as fast as your pen will take notes on a potential new client. Just when you think you have covered almost everything the phone rings, the schedules change, there’s a new assessment in thirty minutes an hour away and there is a web ex conference to go over new hire paperwork.

Blood pressure rises because someone’s quality of life depends on the job YOU do and ultimately what A First Name Basis provides. High fives are given in passing then back to the desk to keep pushing forward. Prioritize, re-prioritize, then prioritize some more.

Five o’clock comes before you have finished your first cup of coffee and out the door you go. The day does not stop there especially if you are on call. The first red light you pull up to allows a deep breath. In a split second a feeling of accomplishment and success overwhelms your mind body and soul.

In that moment, you realize you assisted in bringing life, dignity and well being to over one hundred individuals in need. In that moment you realize the adult child you spoke to earlier in the day, who desperately needed a shoulder to cry on, an ear not to hear but to understand and someone to just care, will finally get a good night’s rest knowing their loved one will be taken care of and respected. In that moment you realize you employed a hard working, dedicated individual who is a key to this company’s success. And in that moment you realize it is all worth it! Every deep breath, every conversation, every to do list, email, meeting, every hair you pull out of your head in days time, is worth it. At the end of the day, knowing you are part of a team that never gives up, never holds back; knowing you are part of A First Name Basis is knowing that you are making a difference.
— Ann Picheloup