The Definition of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is an umbrella term used to describe one or more of the following:

  • Physical abuse is the willful infliction of physical pain or injury, such as slapping, bruising, or restraining.
  • Sexual abuse is the infliction of non-consensual sexual contact of any kind.
  • Emotional or psychological abuse is the infliction of mental or emotional anguish, such as humiliating, intimidating, or threatening.
  • Financial or material exploitation is the improper act or process of an individual, using the resources of an older person, without his/her consent, for someone else’s benefit.
  • Neglect is the failure of a caretaker to provide goods or services necessary to avoid physical harm, mental anguish or mental illness, such as abandonment, denial of food or health related services.

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New Look!

We are always working to improve the way our clients and their families experience service with A First Name Basis. If you have visited our website recently, you’ll have noticed that we are making some changes, so the content of the site is simpler and easier to navigate.

Let us know how we’re doing!  Email us at



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Finding Balance


People say, “I don’t know how she can handle being a full-time employee, full-time wife, and most importantly a full-time Mom and still make time for herself.”


Taking on a role that demands so much of your time,both in the office and at home while on-call, does not require you to have super powers. Working full time staffing clients will require you to take on the role of Personal care, finding that right person to be that loving face who will fill in for a family member who cannot be there. Continue reading

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors Senior citizens

Once the lifeline of every family and the backbone of America, are often tossed aside and forgotten after they have outlived what is considered to be their usefulness to society. Many are left sick, alone and forgotten in nursing homes. A few have the rare opportunity to spend their remaining days in their own homes or in retirement communities. Fewer still are taken into the homes of loved ones. Consequently, when Christmas time rolls around, many have no one with which to celebrate the holiday season. This year make a senior feel special and cared for by getting them a thoughtful Christmas gift. Here are just a few gift ideas: Continue reading

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A Typical Day at A First Name Basis

Blogging. One would think in a fast pace environment like an A First Name Basis office, blog ideas would come easily. The fact is there are too many ideas to put down in just one blog. So many lives are touched in one work day, it is not fair to think that a single second is not blog worthy.

A First Name Basis is making a difference one client, one family and one employee at a time. A day in the office is filled with phone call after phone call, assessments, scheduling, hiring new staff, orientations and marketing. To do list after to list is made, checked off and before you know it you’ve started a second to do list before completing the first to do list. Continue reading

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Organization and Productivity

Putting in a productive work day can be difficult at times especially in an office with lots of distractions Keeping my office and my work day organized really is the key. That’s when DE-CLUTTER comes to mind. Clear your desktop of personal items, sometimes placing them on a shelf or hanging them on a wall behind your desk can give you much needed workspace. As far as those DISTRACTIONS, always set a time limit and stick to it. If a co-worker strikes up a conversation, or someone comes to the office to attain supplies, give no more than 5 minutes of your time. Continue reading

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AFNB Gives Back

A First Name Basis Home Care (AFNB) is very proud to announce its latest sponsorship. This partnership with HNO29, which benefits Project Lazarus in New Orleans (an Assisted Living for those living with HIV and AIDS sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of New Orleans) will allow AFNB to further assist those among us who need the most help. It is AFNB’s mission to always do socially responsible deeds in our communities.

AFNB is very fortunate in its success and supporting worthwhile causes at every turn is our way of paying it forward.

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Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

June marks the beginning of Hurricane Season each year across our southern states. The best protection from the dangers of a hurricane is to be prepared. The following is a list of items to help ensure your safety in the event a storm is predicted in your area. Make up a bag that’s easy to grab, or keep one in your car for these necessities.

If a hurricane is forecast, know that A First Name Basis caregivers can stay with you or your loved one at your home during the storm, unless city officials mandate an evacuation. The caregiver can help you to prepare for the storm then provide you with comfort and security throughout the duration of a storm. Call us today at 337-233-4778 to be prepared!

Here’s the list of items to have prepared, courtesy of the Red Cross: Continue reading

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AFNB in 008 Magazine

Check out 008 Magazine’s coverage of our Snoball Social at Lafayette General Medical Center this spring. We served almost 700 snoballs to the wonderful medical professionals who so deserved them. Thank you all for caring for our seniors and for keeping all in our community healthy!

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Preventing Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

Financial crimes against the elderly are more common than many people realize. Our elderly family members, neighbors, and friends are easy targets of bad people and it is our duty to protect them and ensure those who victimize them are brought to justice. This blog will provide a few pointers on preventing crimes from occurring:

  • You can never be too careful! Regardless of whom the caregiver is in mom or dad’s home, always visit regularly or have a third party in the home on a regular basis. Look at your loved one’s home as if you are a total stranger. You may even want to bring in a trusted but unfamiliar face to the surroundings to truly get an altruistic and unbiased view. Remember, no matter how uncomfortable, “think like a thief!”
  • The easiest items are jewelry, money, and financial instruments (checks, debit/credit cards, etc.). These can easily be placed in a pocket and can be chalked up to being “lost”. Always lock up these items in a safe or a completely secure area behind lock and key.
  • Reconcile bank statements and beware of suspicious or missing checks. Checks out of sequence are a big red flag.
  • If your loved one is paying someone for a service outside of what you contracted, remove the caregiver immediately! Taking advantage of an elderly person’s naivety, kindness, or diminished capacity is as big a crime as petty theft.
  • If things begin to go missing, do not assume! This can protect the caregiver and the client. Watch for patterns and immediately investigate everything.
  • Never allow a caregiver to have too much control over your loved one’s affairs. Establishing firewalls, or checks and balance systems, is always a good idea. For example, if your caregiver pays mom’s bills, a separate person should open the mail and reconcile the bank statements. Think of running a household like it’s a business!
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